Bowmanship Shooting players and computer characters.
Swinging To swing rapidly through the forest.
Smokescreen Puffing up a smoke-screen with your pipe.
Improvising To improvise forest weapons.
Balms Foraging for healing balms in the foliage.
Spitting Chewing up a poison and spitting it at an enemy.
Fear To place youself into a frenzied fear to flee enemies.
Longbows The ability to shoot long-bows.
Nethurling To hurl a net to trap your enemy.
Slings The skill of using a sling to project stones.
Fletching The ability to fletch arrows.
Blowpipes Firing poisons through silent blow-pipes.
Staffworking Fashioning yourself a quarterstaff from a cudgel.
Eye Looking around you with great perceptive ability.
Accuracy To shoot wielded items out of people's hands.
Branchworking To work undergrowth to block exits.
Branchbreaking To break branches off the trees.
Bowmaking The ability to fashion short-bows.
Treetops You can swing up to the treetops and thence across the land.
Crossbows The ability to shoot the cross-bow.
Netweaving Weaving a net from rope and leather commodity.
Steedcall Calling yourself a steed from the forest.
Herbalism To find the whereabouts of local herb growth.
Poisons To find the whereabouts of local poison growth.
Smokerings Puffing a poison at an enemy with your pipe.
Longbowmaking The ability to fashion long-bows.
DirectSwing Swinging directly to individuals in the forest.
Antishield Shooting accurately through arrow shield.
Sniping Shooting your enemies from within things.
Camouflage You can make yourself virtually undetectable in the forest.
Power Powering out of traps and uncouth hindrances.
Intimidation Intimidating your enemies with your quarterstaff.
Crossbowmaking The ability to fashion cross-bows.
Dawndance Summoning up the dawn in the dead of night.
CCCSwing Swinging to the forest to CCCs.
RapidFire Rapid firing your crossbow at your foes.
Bear Form of the Bear - turning into a great brown bear.

Syntax: SHOOT [target] [direction].
You can shoot people in the same location as you, or in adjacent locations, or in any location in a straight line in a specific direction (three locations north of you, for example). To use bowmanship you need a bow of some variety wielded in either your left or right hand, and a quiver of arrows. You should know also that you can poison arrows by rubbing the poison on your next arrow (RUB JEGGA ON ARROW, for instance).
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The Greenwood forest covers a great deal of mid-western Avalon. Swinging is simply a means of escaping and travelling at great speed through the forest and can be done within the boughs of the Greenwood. Swinging in will take you to the Stone Cross, swinging west will take you to the Uruk Road, swinging south goes to the valley near the Eleusian river, swinging north will take you to the northern Greenwood, and swinging east will take you to the Path Entrance.
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Using a pipe you may blow up a smoke screen to linger in a location, obscuring vision almost completely. It is a useful pre-amble to a cunning escape.
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Should you find yourself without a weapon, you may be able to search around in the near vicinity to equip yourself. In a forest or wilderness environment you will equip yourself with makeshift cudgels or a sling. Improvising requires great intuition, intuition which can only be gained by witnessing the coming of dawn.
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Syntax: COLLECT BALM and then BALM when you are ready.
Collecting balms can be done by the young forester in almost any undergrowth or foliage location. It must conform to the 'Forest' epithet when surveyed to signify that critical mass of flora. Collecting balm scans the surrounds and, on sight of suitable leaf-oils, rubs the palms against the leaves to deposit healing balm on the palms. Once collected you will be able to BALM yourself to effect speedy lower level healing without any side effects.
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Syntax: SPIT [herb or poison] AT [player].
Spitting herbs and poisons is something perfected at an early age by those skilled in forestry. You are able to spit any prepared herb or poison in your inventory at somebody in the same location, providing they do not have a kelventari aura of divine splendour to protect them. You CANNOT spit herbs or poisons at animals or computer-controlled characters.
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Syntax: FEARFUL.
Placing yourself in a frenzied fear is a simple matter for one so akin with the wild animals of the forest as you are. Type FEARFUL and you will lose superficial control of your actions and will run wildly about.
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Syntax: SHOOT [target].
Long-bows are capable of shooting with accuracy (see AB FORESTRY ACCURACY if you have it) and cause greater harm and penetration than normal bows. You are able to shoot with long-bows and should use them in preference to short-bows.
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Syntax: NET [target].
Providing you are holding a leather net, you will be able to hurl the net at an enemy before engaging them in battle. The net will tangle them up, making it impossible for them to move before they struggle free.
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Syntax: SLING [player].
A sling will be required for you to use this remote attack. This attack can be most effective if you are a less proficient member of a team. Poison may be applied to the cloth beforehand, for more deadly assaults. Your target must be in an adjacent location. Success is evaluated based on your Thievery skill, as compared with their experience level.
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Syntax: FLETCH.
To fletch arrows you need some wood or planks and a quiver. Type FLETCH on its own and you will find yourself creating as many arrows as you can from the wood you hold. Each batch of wood will produce five arrows.
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Syntax: BLOWPIPE [poison] [player].
Blow-pipes are a more effective form of spitting - using a blow pipe you can puff a poison silently at an enemy. The kelventari aura defence does not work against blow-pipes, but the blow-pipe is only effective in the forest.
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To work a quarterstaff you will need to have improvised a wooden cudgel from the wilderness. Working it is simple once you know how, and will transform the unruly cudgel into a slender, effective battle-weapon.
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Syntax: EYE.
The perceptive eye is an ability you have learned from the eagles of the northern mountains. Such is your insight, you are able to discern most presences in a location. Be warned, though, the eye is not foolproof.
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Syntax: ARROW [target].
Using this ability, you may fire an arrow at an enemy with such accuracy that you may knock individual items from their grasp onto the ground. This can be used against weapons they hold or valuables they grasp in their hands.
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Syntax: OBSTRUCT [direction] and UNOBSTRUCT [direction].
You must be standing within the forest to be able to pull the undergrowth about to obstruct movement. This ability allows you to move the undergrowth to block passers-by in a specific direction.
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To break a branch from a nearby tree and use the stick for whatever nefarious plan you may have hatched.
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Short bows are the most basic of archery equipment. It requires a piece of wood and a piece of furs commodity (for the bow and the string).
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First, you must ascend to the treetops. You will find a tree high enough for climbing besides the Stone Cross in the Greenwood forest; swinging around from there will reveal additional places at which you may swing to the treetops.
Syntax: SWING [direction].
Once in the treetops, you may SWING in a specific direction to swing on the vines that have been placed in the forests.
Syntax: DOWN.
To descend from the treetops.
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Syntax: SHOOT [target].
Cross-bows are the most deadly of bows since their firing mechanism is mechanical. They are capable of shooting with accuracy (see AB FORESTRY ACCURACY), can shoot greater distances than normal bows, and inflict greater damage.
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Syntax: WEAVE NET.
You can weave up new nets for use with nethurling. It requires a rope and a leather commodity and takes ten seconds to complete each net.
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Assuming you have a loyal steed somewhere in Avalon, in ear-shot of your call, it will come running to you and toss you onto its back the moment you issue this subliminal call. You will not be able to whistle mounts beyond your competence at Riding to ride; some mounts are more difficult to control than others.
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Syntax: DISCERN HERBS [herb type].
Such is your memory of the woodland you have travelled, you are able to keep a mental record of all herb growth in the local area. Type DISCERN HERBS followed by the herb type and you will remember those herbs growing nearby.
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Syntax: DISCERN POISONS [poison type].
Such is your memory of the woodland you have travelled, you are able to keep a mental record of all poison growth in the local area. Type DISCERN POISONS followed by the poison type and you will remember those poisons growing nearby.
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Syntax: BLOW [player].
You are very skilled in smoking, since it is a most excellent pursuit. You are able to maintain a pipe lit with a herb or poison without it effecting you. Using this ability you can blow the smoke from a pipe lit with a herb or poison at another player, and they will be affected by it. You must be wielding the pipe in one of your hands.
You will also now find that you are able to use your blowpipe on people in adjacent locations.
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Long bows are an excellent weapon, capable of shooting with acurracy at great distances. They require a piece of wood and a piece of furs commodity, for the bow and the string.
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Syntax: SWING TO [player].
Your ability at swinging through the forest is superior to even the legendary Tarzan himself. You can swing directly and immediately to individuals in and around the forest you happen to be in.
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Such is your prowess with the bow, that you are able to shoot away the shield of arrow deflection. Though your first arrow will be deflected, its accuracy will shatter the shield, so that subsequent arrows strike through.
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To shoot your enemies when you are within a tree, a coach or any kind of vehicle, simply type SNIPE followed by the name of the target and you will attempt to shoot them.
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Syntax: CAMO ON or CAMO OFF.
Whilst under camouflage, you will be virtually undetectable to others. Your location will be hidden from those with innersight and, if you stand on the boundary of the forest when you begin your camouflage, others will still detect you at that spot as if you have not moved further into the forest. Your camouflage will stop when you leave forest confines.
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Power allows you to respond to paralysis and stunning. Type POWER and if you are paralysed, slothful or stunned you will immediately call upon your inner resources to pull yourself back to your feet.
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Syntax: PIKE [player] or PIKE BODY.
Your quarterstaff is beautifully sharp at one end, and it can be used as a weapon of great intimidation. If, during the course of your life, you slay a mighty foe, you may wish to hold their head as a trophy to warn them against trifling with you in future. While you stand over the dead body, you may type PIKE followed by their name to place the battered head upon your quarterstaff. Then, in future encounters, you will be able to PIKE your quarterstaff (head included) at this enemy and they will flee in terror.
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Cross bows are the most deadly of bows, since their firing mechanism is mechanical. They require a piece of wood, a piece of fur, and a piece of tin commodity to construct.
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Under the cover of night, you will be able to perform the legendary dance of the dawn. Since dawn is a tempramental creature, she will only be summoned by one of great skill and dedication, but once summoned, she will most certainly rise from her sleep and chase away the night.
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Syntax: SWING TO [ccc].
You have mastered the art of swinging about the forest and in addition to swinging to its perimeter, or to specific players, you can also swing to named CCCs using this ability.
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Syntax: RAPIDFIRE [bow].
Prepares your cross-bow, all loaded up with twenty arrows, to be shot at rapid speeds at whoever you direct it at. In order to direct it, you will have to AIM AT [whoever] to determine who is shot at, otherwise the arrows will shoot off into the distance.
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Syntax: BEARFORM, then HUMAN to reverse.
Transforms you into a bear of great strength and resiliance. You cannot hide under any other disguises while in the form of the bear. While as a bear your Constitution and Defence will be enhanced and you may use the following commands:
CLAW [enemy] To cut your enemy with your sharp claws.
BITE [enemy] To bite your enemy with your powerful jaw.
BARGE [direction] To barge past traps and icewalls.
POWER To call upon your might to power out of traps.
ROAR To roar a challenge to your enemies.
TRUESENSE To call upon the sixth sense.

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